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I have a txt file which is having 100+ lines, i want to search for pattern and delete all the lines except the last occurrence.

Here are the lines from the txt file.

my pattern search is "string1=" , "string2=", "string3=" , "string4=" and "string5="


i want to go through the each line and keep "string3=" is empty on the file and remove the "string3=welcome" ,"string3=welcome1"

please help me.

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You will have to write a program to do this. Share the program you've written so far and tell us where you're stuck. – Raymond Chen Mar 15 '13 at 23:42

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For a single pattern, you can start with something like this:

grep "string3" input | tail -1
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my %h;

while (<STDIN>) {
  my ($k, $v) = split /=/;
  $h{$k} = $v;

foreach my $k ( sort keys %h ) {
  print "$k=$h{$k}";

The perl script here will take your list as stdin and process output as you mention. This assumes you want the keys (string*) as sorted output.

If you only wants the values that start with string1-5 only then you can put a match in the beginning of your while loop as so:

next if ! /^string[1-5]=/;
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