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I have several Mayavi plots that I am combining in a single window (along the lines of the documentation), and it would be much better if I could get rid of the toolbars in all of them. While it's possible to to right-click each of the toolbars to have them disappear, I would like to code them to disappear instead. A command like scene.hide_toolbar() would be ideal. I've dug around in the TraitsUI package a bit to no avail... anybody know how to make it go away?

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You can use Handler to modify UI, the following code works with ETS_TOOLKIT=qt4. Add the DisableToolbarHandler class to the code, and show the UI by m.edit_traits(handler=DisableToolbarHandler()).

class DisableToolbarHandler(Handler):
    def position(self, info):
        for name in ["scene1", "scene2"]:
            editor = info.ui.get_editors(name)[0]

m = MyDialog()

The windows shows as:

enter image description here

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That worked like a charm! Any idea how to remove the toolbar for a single figure (e.g., a figure created using mlab.figure())? –  Eric Mar 18 '13 at 17:58

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