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I am using the GUI2Exe program to create my executable, and while I can build and start the executable, it crashed on a call to "open" the url. This is repeatable not only in my program but in the super simple 14 line webkit browser. And when using cx_freeze instead of py2exe.

The "problem signature" reported in the windows diagnose thing points it's finger at the libcairo-2.dll

Commenting out the browser.open(url) call results in the window opening (albeit without the contents that the browser would be loading) and responds to the close command.

window = gtk.Window()
browser = webkit.WebView()

Running from the command line (python myprogram.py) , my program runs normally on both Windows and Ubuntu. To formally state this as a question: how can I solve this problem and successfully create a functional "frozen" python executable?

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My best solution for this was to rewrite the program to use the qtwebkit library. Plays much nicer with py2exe.

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