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Now I'm writing a simple application which get five photos from Flickr and display the titles as list. At first I tried @current_photos and this works good, but when I use Knockout.js(@currentPhotos), this doesn't work.

root = exports ? this
class root.Flickr
  constructor: ->
    @photos = []
        format : 'json'
        method : 'flickr.photos.search'
        api_key : '7965a8bc5a2a88908e8321f3f56c80ea'
        user_id : '29242822@N00'
        per_page : 5
    ).done((data) =>
      $.each data.photos.photo, (i, item) =>
        @photos.push item

root = exports ? this
class root.PhotoListViewModel
  index = null
  currentPhotos = []
  constructor: ->
    flickr = new Flickr
    # @current_photos = flickr.photos ###### WORKS GOOD
    flickr.photos = ko.observableArray []
    @currentPhotos = ko.computed ->

HTML is as below:


<h4>Photo List</h4>
<ul data-bind="foreach: currentPhotos">
      title: <span data-bind="text: title"> </span>


I created JSBin page as below: http://jsbin.com/avazak/7/

Thanks for your kindness.

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you really have to pass a function to ko.computed? –  Ven Mar 16 '13 at 2:06

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Because of how the dependency tracking works in computed observable:

While your evaluator function is running, KO keeps a log of any observables (or computed observables) that your evaluator reads the value of.

So you need to call your observables inside the computed it is not enough the reference them:

@currentPhotos = ko.computed ->

And I would suggets that you declare the @photos as ko.observableArray inside the Flickr object not in the PhotoListViewModel

Demo JSFiddle.

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Thank you very much! I wrote a little changed code here:jsbin.com/avazak/16/edit –  weed Mar 17 '13 at 2:10

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