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Is there any function in Erlang with this behavior?:

a_function_id_like_to_have("{1,2,{3,4}}") % => {1,2,{3,4}}

(Like read in Haskell)

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You can look at, fetched from otp src code. – goofansu Mar 16 '13 at 11:06
If you are reading the terms from a file, you can use file:consult; – Isac Mar 16 '13 at 13:02
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Take a look at slide 25 of this presentation.

It makes use of erl_eval, erl_parse, and erl_scan.

1> {ok, Tokens, _} = erl_scan:string("{1,2,{3,4}}.").
2> {ok, Abstract} = erl_parse:parse_exprs(Tokens).
3> Bindings = erl_eval:new_bindings().
4> {value, Value, _} = erl_eval:exprs(Abstract, Bindings).
5> erlang:display(Value).
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Just make sure you check your input, as it can contain any valid Erlang expression, such as erlang:halt(). In this sense, its behaviour differs a lot from that of file:consult/1. – Martin Törnwall Mar 17 '13 at 9:24

You can simply use erl_scan:string/1 and erl_parse:parse_term/1.

string_to_term(Str) ->
    {ok, Tokens, _} = erl_scan:string(Str),
    {ok, Term} = erl_parse:parse_term(Tokens),

Make sure Str is dot terminated.

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