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I have a makefile as follows.. At the first line that says windows.. Then on that same line, I try to set the variable to windows and jmp to $(WinDIR)/$(WinOUT)

How can I do that?

windows: ObjDIR=Windows $(WinDIR)/$(WinOUT)
    @echo "Finished Making windows.."

    @echo "    Cleaning Build Files."
    @rm -rf $(BinDIR) $(ObjDIR)

$(WinDIR)/$(WinOUT): $(ObjFiles)
    @echo "Linking Object Files.."
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windows: ObjDIR=Windows

windows: $(WinDIR)/$(WinOUT)
    @echo "Finished Making windows.."

But I'm not sure you understand how Make works. It won't "jump to" $(WinDIR)/$(WinOUT), it will -- perhaps -- execute the $(WinDIR)/$(WinOUT) rule first.

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This is what I meant. It's exactly what I wanted. I figured it out a couple minutes after posting but thank you for clearing up the jump and for posting the answer. –  Brandon Mar 16 '13 at 3:46

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