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Is there a version of GNU Make, or GNU Make compatible application, which supports distributed builds on Win32?

We currently have a large project using gnu makefiles. We use the Win32 version of GMake to build. Our build environment supports parallel builds without a problem, and we'd like to try and perform a distributed build if possible.

Any ideas?

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distcc is the grand-father of doing this, though I'm not sure it would be easy to get running on win32. cygwin might make this possible.

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I'd try Cygwin but the performance might be poor because of the emulation layer.

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I hope I've understood Your problem properely, but You can use:

Cygwin or mingw

MinGw is a complete port of GNU binutils for windows.

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ElectricAccelerator from Electric Cloud does exactly this. It's a parallel, distributed replacement for gmake and nmake. If your build problem is bad enough and you have some budget to spend on a solution, you should check it out:

ElectricAccelerator home page

Disclaimer: I'm the tech lead for the Accelerator team at Electric Cloud.

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