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I'm writting a small python script notify me when certain condition met. I used smtplib which does the emailing for me, but I also want the script to call my cell phone as well.

I can't find a free library for phone callings. Does anyone know any?

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Make the calls using Skype, and use the Skype4Py API.

If you want other suggestions, please specify how you want to make the call (modem? Some software bridge? What?).

Also, might I suggest that you send an SMS instead of placing a call? You can do that via Skype too, btw.

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Python is the best evar! It has libraries to hand phone calling! Amazing! :D –  George Oct 9 '09 at 18:35

Twilio can make calls through their API. Pay as you go. Worked well for wakeup calls for me.

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I've used Skype4Py very successfully. Keep in mind though it does require Skype to be installed and costs the standard rate for SkypeOut.

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