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When I use a

static int CompareFunction(const void* _g1, const void* _g2);

the input to qsort is right

but using

int CompareFunction(const void* _g1, const void* _g2);

the input to qsort is wrong. and the error is : error: argument of type 'int (<namespace>::<ClassName>::)(const void*, const void*)' does not match '__compar_fn_t {aka int (*)(const void*, const void*)}'

How can static change the behavior in such a way ? I mean the all I am doing is just changing a function in a class to be static which means it now lacks this pointer. There is no more change I am making.

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If your comparator needs access to parts of your class, try std::sort instead of qsort. This will give you a lot more flexibility as you can use a functor or lambda function instead of just a plain function with no additional arguments. –  StilesCrisis Mar 16 '13 at 4:32

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A non-static function can only be called on an instance of an object. There is no instance of an object to call the function on inside qsort (it just has pointers that it considers opaque), so it cannot invoke a member function.

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A static member function is a regular function, but a non-static member function is something different. The need to have the extra hidden "this" parameter is what makes the difference.

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