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The before and after hook documentation on Relish only shows that before(:suite) is called prior to before(:all).

When should I use one over the other?

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When a before(:all) is defined in the RSpec.configure block it is called before each top level example group, while a before(:suite) code block is only called once.

Here's an example:

RSpec.configure do |config|
  config.before(:all) {puts "Before :all"}
  config.after(:all) {puts "After :all"}
  config.before(:suite) {puts "Before :suite"}
  config.after(:suite) {puts "After :suite"}

describe "spec1" do
  example "spec1" do
    puts "spec1"

describe "spec2" do
  example "spec2" do
    puts "spec2"


Before :suite
Before :all
After :all
Before :all
After :all
After :suite
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my question is: "If I load some seed data like admin User using before suite wont that data be cleared after example is run?" – illusionist Feb 15 at 3:06

You can also use before(:suite) to run a block of code before any example groups are run. This should be declared in RSpec.configure

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