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I have developed a Application where it contains so many Alert Messages and i want display All Alert messages in a particular position of the screen. I have tried the following code but it works for individual alert messages. Is there any way that i can apply for all the alert messages in my applications.

  myAlert ='Hello World');
  myAlert.x = 0;
  myAlert.y = 0;

Thanks in Advance

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I don't think you can set the position of an Alert message in ActionScript. You should instead create your own component and display it with help of PopupManager. You'll then be able to position it where you want. Instead y – duTr Mar 16 '13 at 5:47
Have a look at this post. Here you can control a lot of Alert's properties through the custom imlementation.… – Anton Mar 16 '13 at 8:32
@duTr Why wouldn't you be able to set the position of an Alert in ActionScript? To ramesh reddy If the code you showed works; why not just remove the 'centerPopUp' and set the x and y values directly? You can easily encapsulate that code into a method. You can create it as a Static method or put it in some shared class to have easy access to it anywhere. – JeffryHouser Mar 16 '13 at 12:41
In my application there are lot of Alert messages, i don't want to set x and y properties individually, i want it to be happen globally. Is there any way to do this? – user2143071 Mar 16 '13 at 13:01
I'm sorry I don't know how to say this differently: "You can easily encapsulate that code into a method. You can create it as a Static method or put it in some shared class to have easy access to it anywhere". If you encapsulate the creation and positioning of your Alert into a static method. instead of calling you can do MyClassWithStaticMethod.StaticMethodToCreateAlert(). – JeffryHouser Mar 16 '13 at 14:28

Like suggested, you can use a class like this where you put your logic in order to position your alert messages.

You need to wait for the CREATION_COMPLETE event before you can set the position of the alert. Note that you can also use _alert.move(_nextX, _nextY) in the following example.

    import flash.display.Sprite;

    import mx.controls.Alert;
    import mx.core.IFlexModuleFactory;

    public class MyAlertFactory
        private static const MAX_WIDTH:uint = 320;
        private static const MAX_HEIGHT:uint = 280;

        private static var _nextX:int = 0;
        private static var _nextY:int = 0;

        public static function show(text:String, title:String = "",
                                    flags:uint = 4, parent:Sprite = null,
                                    closeHandler:Function = null,
                                    iconClass:Class = null,
                                    defaultButtonFlag:uint = 4,
                                    moduleFactory:IFlexModuleFactory = null):Alert {

            var alert:Alert =, title, flags, parent,
                closeHandler, iconClass, defaultButtonFlag, moduleFactory);
            alert.addEventListener(FlexEvent.CREATION_COMPLETE, handleAlertCreation);

            return alert;

        private static function handleAlertCreation(event:FlexEvent):void
            _nextX = (_nextX + 20) % MAX_WIDTH;
            _nextY = (_nextY + 15) % MAX_HEIGHT;

            var alert:Alert = Alert(event.currentTarget);
            alert.x = _nextX;
            alert.y = _nextY;
            alert.removeEventListener(FlexEvent.CREATION_COMPLETE, handleAlertCreation);
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