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I'm using

import requests'', data={'bar':'baz'})

but I get a request.exceptions.SSLError. The website has an expired certficate, but I am not sending sensitive data, so it doesn't matter to me. I would imagine there is an argument like 'verify=False' that I could use, but I cant' seem to find it.

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Apologies. I mispelled verify. –  Paul Draper Mar 16 '13 at 5:41

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From the documentation:

Requests can also ignore verifying the SSL certficate if you set verify to False.

>>> requests.get('', verify=False)
<Response [200]>
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Thanks, this works if you have few requests calls inside your own code, but imagine that I want to disable this in a third partly library that uses requests,... it would be impossible to fix the 3rd party lib like this. –  sorin Dec 17 '13 at 18:49
@sorin: Just monkey patch requests and have verify default to False. –  Blender Dec 18 '13 at 1:16
How do I suppress the big nasty warning message that still gets printed? –  Michael Jan 15 at 18:33
@Michael to answer my own question: requests.packages.urllib3.disable_warnings() –  Michael Jan 15 at 18:36

Use requests.packages.urllib3.disable_warnings().

import requests

requests.packages.urllib3.disable_warnings()'', data={'bar':'baz'})
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