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I am learning computer security and I am trying to find a list of common buffer overflow attacks, but not having much luck.
I am planning on using metasploit for pen-testing as well as backtrack 5, but I haven't started yet. Even pointers to a good sight I would love. Thanks!

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this document introduce and covers many forms of buffer overflow attacks:


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Thanks! Just a question, is it possible to write a buffer overflow exploit in python? Everything is in C/C++ (I don't mind, I can do those) –  RPi Awesomeness Mar 16 '13 at 11:46
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in general you can differentiate bufferoverflows on

  • control-data attacks - control data attacks may overwrite saved registers or other data used to control the application flow


  • non-control data attacks - so attacks that try to overwrite variables to get e.g. more credits in a casino game

if you have more a look on the details you can then go deeper and have a look in how the attacks are really working:

you can then differentiate as well on

  • the location where the overwrite occurs
  • where the target is located the in memory that gets overwritten
  • and on which location the shellcode is placed

if you take all that into consideration you have a huge bunch of bufferoverflow types to analyse - i did that already and it was quite fun ;)

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