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I am having trouble getting writeBin to cooperate. I'm trying to get it to accept the value of a variable as one of its arguments:

The following works:

writeBin(ACTUAL.VARIABLE, paste0(RSTATDATA,".raw"),size = 4, endian = .Platform$endian)

But what I want to do is replace "ACTUAL.VARIABLE" (which is a vector of stats that I have created in R already), with a variable name whose contents is the name "ACTUAL.VARIABLE".

What I'm trying to do is create a function that allows the user to enter a particular variable name (using readline), which my function will then write out as a bin file. Something like:

RSTATDATA<-readline("enter the name of the R variable that has your stats (must be a vector): ")
writeBin(RSTATDATA, paste0(RSTATDATA,".raw"),size = 4, endian = .Platform$endian)

Unfortunately, this doesn't work (only writes 41 bytes out, which is much smaller than the vector I'm trying to write). I'm thinking there is some syntax I'm missing here, because I don't understand why putting the actual R object name works, but putting a variable containing the name of the R object does not.

Thanks for any suggestions...

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I am not sure to undesrtand your question , but I think you need to use get, try this:

  writeBin(get(RSTATDATA), paste0(RSTATDATA,".raw"),
           size = 4, endian = .Platform$endian)

So your function must look like this :

  my.writeBin <- function(RSTATDATA){
    filename <- paste0(RSTATDATA,".raw")
    zz <- file(filename, "wb")
    writeBin(get(RSTATDATA), zz)
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Excellent!! That worked. Thanks so much! – user2172400 Mar 16 '13 at 17:26
@user2172400 you might accept the solution. Please read this – agstudy Mar 16 '13 at 18:57

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