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How to Sort List< T >[] ?

i has list List[] deliverystatus = new List[3];

      deliverystatus[0]---> stores name of file
      deliverystatus[1]---> file delivery date
      deliverystatus[2]---> where to delivery

i convert list into table and send it by using mail. i cant change other code is there any way to sort simplylike

      List<T>.OrderBy(o => o.x).ToList()....ETC

i want sort entire list based on deliverystatus[2]

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        var list = new List<string[]>();
        list.Add(new string[] { "1", "zzz", "z" });
        list.Add(new string[] { "1", "aaa", "x" });
        list.Add(new string[] { "1", "b", "y" });
        list.Add(new string[] { "1", "c", "3" });

        var orderedList = list.OrderBy(e => e[2]);
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thanks i got it –  Civa Mar 16 '13 at 7:21

It looks like you have list of 3 element arrays and you want to order its items by third component of each array:

// assuming List<string[]> allDeliveryStatuses;
var result = allDeliveryStatuses.OrderBy(d => d[2]).ToList();

Side note: Using arrays to represent data structure is bad idea (but clearly should not be my call)

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Excellent why cant i get this idea. –  Civa Mar 16 '13 at 7:21

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