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Facebook payment process is working on the development server.

When we change the callback to the production server it doesn't work : Facebook server never send the request, or we never receive it.

  • same SSL certificate
  • We tried on two different machine
  • Facebook URL test page works
  • If we change callback to the dev server with an alias URL it works !

https://dev01.tld.com/cgi/ps or https://dev02.tld.com/cgi/ps both pointing to the same IP are working https://ps01.tld.com/cgi/ps pointing to another IP than dev01 never worked

Does facebook cache the IP address? How to change this or refresh the facebook cache?


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I found, this was a SSL problem, not the same SSL config, Facebook begin the request and abort. No log in apache. Compare your SSL config with openssl s_client -connect ps.tld.com:443

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