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I have list of such documents in my database of couchDB.

   "_id": "9",
   "_rev": "1-f5a9a0b76c6ae1fe5e20f1a1f9e6f8ba",
   "Project": "Vaibhava",
   "Type": "activity",
   "Name": "Civil_Clearence",
   "PercentComplete": "",
   "DateAndTime": "",
   "SourcePMSId": "1049",
   "ProgressUpdatedToPMSFlag": "NO",
   "UserId": "Kundan",
   "ParentId": "5"

How to write a view function so that when i pass a doc._id as a key then i must get all siblings of that doc._id(docs with ParentId same as the key which I have sent)??

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Check out this page in the wiki about Linked Documents –  Dominic Barnes Mar 17 '13 at 23:28

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As said in another answer, it is not possible to do that with a single request.

However, you can do the following instead:

  1. Define a map (with no reduce) view indexed on ParentID:

    function(o) {
      if (o.ParentID) {
  2. Send a first request to your object to know the ID of its parent:

    GET /myDatabase/myObject
  3. Then send a request to your view

    GET /myDatabase/_design/myApp/_view/myView/?key="itsParent"&include_docs=true

Having several requests should not cause much harm here, since their number (2) is constant. Moreover you can hide them behind a single request handled by NodeJS.

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Unfortunately, you would need to chain together two map-reduce functions to achieve this result and that functionality is not available in CouchDB. See this question for further information.

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