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I currently had a pending question open - however after working on it I ran onto a new problem and the errors that I was getting while attempting to build it were:

Error   1   error C2695: 'MyEventsSink::OnSomethingHappened': overriding virtual function differs from 'Library::IEventsSink::OnSomethingHappened' only by calling convention   
Error   2   error C2695: 'MyEventsSink::SomeTest': overriding virtual function differs from 'Library::IEventsSink::SomeTest' only by calling convention 

I tried goggling regarding this error but I could not figure it out.

Here is what I am doing , I have a managed C# dll class library which is being consumed by a native C++ application. The code for C# interface is as follows and the implemention of this interface is in C++.

The C# code is

[ComVisible(true), ClassInterface(ClassInterfaceType.None), Guid("fdb9e334-fae4-4ff5-ab16-d874a910ec3c")]
    public class IEventsSinkImpl : IEventsSink
        public void OnSomethingHappened()
            //Doesnt matter what goes on here - atleast for now

        public void SomeTest(IEventsSink snk)
            //When this is called - it will call the C++ code
    }//end method

And its implemetation code in C++ is

class MyEventsSink : public Library::IEventsSink
    MyEventsSink() {}
    ~MyEventsSink() {}

    virtual HRESULT OnSomethingHappened()
        std::cout << "Incredible - it worked";

    virtual HRESULT SomeTest(IEventsSink* snk)
        //Doesnt matter this wont be called


Apparently during the build process VS2010 complains of the above mentioned errors. Any suggestions on how I could resolve those errors.

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You got the correct answer to your previous question. Why are you not using it? –  Hans Passant Mar 16 '13 at 10:47

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Try using __stdcall calling convention:

virtual HRESULT __stdcall OnSomethingHappened()

Normally, C++ uses the __cdecl calling convention, where the caller removes the parameters from the stack after the call. Most Windows API functions including COM use __stdcall where the callee removes the parameters from the stack.

Obviously, when you override a virtual function, the calling convention of both functions must be the same, because the function call is resolved at runtime.

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This is correct and all, but why should he do this? What is __stdcall and why does it fix the problem? As it stands, you're just presenting him with "magic code". –  Cody Gray Mar 16 '13 at 10:20
There's a lot more to it, the class also has to implement IUnknown. He already got the correct answer on his previous question. –  Hans Passant Mar 16 '13 at 10:48

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