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I'm having serious issues in getting Wireshark to work on both of my computers. I can successfully see whats going in and out of my notebook but I can't figure out how to sniff from all computers in my network (secure by WPA2 AES+TKIP).

My adapters are: Broadcom BCM4313 (kernel module: brcmsmac), and second is some Atheros driven by ath5k kernel module. What's worth mentioning I do can sniff networks SSIDs from other networks on monitor modes on both cards.

I would appreciate any hints.

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WPA2 gives you a private channel between your computer and the base station. You cannot snoop on other computer's communications with this security mechanism. If you want to, then you need to choose a weaker security mechanism. (well you can, but that's another kettle of fish) – Petesh Mar 16 '13 at 11:25
@Petesh Thanks for great comment. As soon as I opened the network and set to monitor mode I was able to sniff all the packets :) – Robin92 Mar 16 '13 at 12:07

I suggest setting up "monitor mode"; there is a "Monitor mode" checkbox in the Capture Options window in Wireshark, there's also the command line -I to capture in monitor mode.

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I believe what you want is monitor mode. See Turning on monitor mode for details.

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