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I am looping through my database to display a list of leagues a player is associated with. If a player is not a member of any leagues then a message displays to tell them.

Here is the code

if (dReader.Read())
    while (dReader.Read())
        usersLeagues.Text += "<li class=\"li-myLeagues\"><a  href=\"leagueDetails.aspx?leagueID=" + (dReader["leagueID"].ToString()) + "\">" + (dReader["leagueName"].ToString()) + "</a></li>";
    usersLeagues.Text = "You are currently not a part of any leagues";

The issue is that the data reader is not displaying the first league in the query.

Any idea why this is?

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Although this is purely a guess, I'll have to check the documentation for the method, I imagine you're losing the first row with your "if" conditional. You will probably need another method to see if data was returned. –  pwdst Mar 16 '13 at 11:28
Remove this if (dReader.Read()) it will work fine, no need to write this, if there is no data it will not enter while loop. –  Sharique Ansari Mar 16 '13 at 11:29
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if (dReader.Read()){  


if (dReader.HasRows){

By calling the Read() in the if statement, you actually are reading the first row of data. Calling Read() again in the while statement, skips the first read row.

You can use HasRows property to check if the reader contains any data.

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Perfect thanks !! –  AspDevel Mar 16 '13 at 11:32
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The if statement is reading the first record, so when you hit the while statement it has moved onto the second result.

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