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is there a recommended way to deep compare 2 arrays in yui3 tests (similar to QUnit's deepEqual)? I poked around the source and the best I could come up with was to steal this function from matrix/matrix.js (shown slightly rewritten) It could easily be modified to a recursive arbitrary depth comparison, but I'm digressing now...

function compare(list1, list2)
    var i = 0, len = list1.length, len2 = list2.length, isEqual = len === len2;
    if(isEqual) {
        for(; i < len; ++i) {
            if(list1[i] != list2[i]) {
                isEqual = false; break;
    return isEqual;
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Yes, YUI Tests have an Test.ArrayAssert namespace where you have many assertions for arrays. In particular you have itemsAreEqual which tests with == and itemsAreEquivalent which uses ===. You get this for free by including the test module.

YUI().use('test', function (Y) {
  var ArrayAssert = Y.Test.ArrayAssert;

  var testCase = new Y.Test.Case({
    name: "TestCase Name", 

    //traditional test names
    testSomething : function () {
      ArrayAssert.itemsAreEqual([1, 2, 3], foo, 'all items should be 1, 2, 3');
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