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I wrote a sample application in C# that connects to oracle database. On my station I have installed Oracle Client 10g and in C# project I added reference to oracle.dataaccess.dll from oracle bin folder. Everything is ok when I run app on desktops with oracle client in 10g version but on desktops with oracle client in 11g version, application doesn't work (crashing). When I delete a reference and I add a reference to oracle.dataaccess.dll from 11g client, after building, app works only with oracle client 11g and crashes on workstations with oracle client 10g How could I write an application that will work with 10g and 11g oracle clients?

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I have done this but to save me writing it all out, someone else has answered it in another question.

What I found was to take the required DLLs from 11g and it will connect to a 10g or 11g database.

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Jon, thanks for answer, but I must provide only exe without dlls - on workstations we have oracle clients installed. –  Marcelus Mar 16 '13 at 14:41

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