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I have an app in which I don't want to update through de Google play store, I have my content in a JSON file. But how can I make my app download this file without using the play store and How to make sure the content is still readable while the mobile device is offline?

Perhaps by using the local storage to save the JSON file, and automatically update when I change the content of the JSON file.

Which programming language do I need? What is the easiest way or are there any other solutions in which I can update my app content without updating my app through the app store?

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You should setup a server, with a json file, you could use PHP or C# to make it dynamic, but a settings file can be static.

Next, you could write a class which will be responsible for your configuration, lets call it SettingsManager.It should have a getters for your settings.and a method which tries to update it, (you can call it once the app launched).this method will download the file and then parse it and save the settings into the SharedPreferances.The getters will then take the settings out of the SharedPreferances and return them.

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Thanks! I have been waiting for this a long time, but this afternoon a new course came in on www.lynda.com about JSON and how to fix this. But still thanks! –  user2177152 Mar 16 '13 at 20:58

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