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I am new to grails. I have used netbeans as my ide and I am always comfortable with it. Now I need to work in grails 1.3.7 with mysql. Now how can I do this in netbeans? Can anyone please help me on this? it will be so much helpful. Please note that I need to make table in my database in runtime. I am really looking forward to get your help. thank you so much.

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For netbeans integration look here: For MySql here:… – OfirW Mar 16 '13 at 14:48

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Sumon Bappi,

Why you don't try another IDE. I don't have nothing against Netbeans, although this was my first IDE and I learned so much with this.

But recently i descovered the IntelliJ and this is a VERY usefull and smart IDE for grails developers.

You have do buy a licence for use it, but it values each spent cents.

This is only a tip of a user of this IDE. I don't gain not with this, and i don't want to start a discussion about what is the best IDE.

My regards

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