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I am trying to call 2 functions with the Button Press and Relase events. When I am calling same function without these events (directly in my code), they are not giving desired output.

When I click "Connect Button":

  • On Button Press Event -> Call Function connect (which will create a connection between Client and Server)
  • On Button Release Event -> Call Function Send Details (which will send data from client to server)

When I used print command to check the flow of program, I found that connection.transport.write(data) is creating issue.

def on_connectCLB_pressed(self):

def on_connectCLB_released(self):

def Send_Details():
    print "Send_Details"
    global connection,chat
    if (USER!=''):
        data="user_details>>:"+USER +">>:"+stat+">>:"+contents
        GUI.setStatusTip(QtGui.QApplication.translate("MainWindows", 'Enter your username.', None, QtGui.QApplication.UnicodeUTF8))

def Connect():
    print "Connect"
    global connection
    connection=reactor.connectTCP(HOST,int(PORT) , EchoClientFactory()) ##listenTCP and connectTCP,to set defaults for all connections coming from that accept() or connect()
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What issue?Mention error and output clearly. –  Sabby Mar 17 '13 at 2:51
If you are getting the desired functionality when you press the button, you could call myPushButton.clicked.emit(True) –  X.Jacobs Mar 17 '13 at 7:34

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