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Please advise how can we increase the field length of Description field up to 200 characters available in Movement Journal in Inventory module in AX 2009. The field is InventJournalTable_DescriptionInventJournalTable(InventJournalTable).Description We will appreciate your immediate response.

Muhammad Ali Awan

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  1. Create a new Extended Data Type of type String.
  2. Set the StringSize property of your data type to 200.
  3. Find the JournalDescription Extended Data Type in the AOT.
  4. Change the Extends property of JournalDescription to the name of your new data type.
  5. Synchronize the database.
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And in some cases you should restart the AX client after you made this changes. – oleksandr Jan 4 at 8:48

You can edit standard EDT's by going to System Administration - Setup - System - Modify data types. There you can adjust the length of standard EDT's which cannot be adjusted otherwise.

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+1 I did not know that. Thanks! – SShaheen Apr 2 '13 at 17:16

The InventJournalTable has it's Description field of extended data type JournalDescription (String Size: 60). Therefore open the AOT, Data dictionary and Extended data type branch, and find the JournalDescription entity, increasing it's string size to 200. Sincronize...

And document your changes.

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The StringSize property of JournalDescription cannot be edited, because it extends Description. I would not advise modifying Description, because many other data types extend it, and you may not want to change those fields unintentionally. – SShaheen Mar 18 '13 at 20:11
"...cannot be edited, because it extends Description." I also agree that it is rare to make changes such a generic EDT. I'll vote your answer up then :) – ian_scho Mar 19 '13 at 7:15

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