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I am using openshift server to host my php application. I have added files to my server using sftp to ~/app-root/runtime/repo directory. The same files are accesible over the web. But when I git clone my repository to my local machine I don't see my uploaded files in it. Neither when I add and push files using git are seen in my app-root folder. Any help is kindly appreciated

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Changes made directly on the gear's repo/ dir are not tracked by git, and will be overwritten when you push your local git repo to the gear. To track them, scp/sftp them back to your local git repo and add/commit/push them across.

The alternative to scp/sftp is to run "rhc snapshot {appName}" which will take a backup of all your files (code and data in case of snapshot), then you can extract the files under the repo/ dir back to your local git repo, and add/commit/push them across.

Feel free to post to our forums: https://openshift.redhat.com/community/forums/openshift

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Is it possible that when I push the files through git the same can be accesible over the web. Means suppose i change index.php and push it using git the same will be reflected when i visit my site. –  Sanks Mar 17 '13 at 5:13
Yes, this is how OpenShift deploying works. See openshift.redhat.com/community/developers/… for more information. –  Vojtech Vitek Mar 17 '13 at 23:14

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