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I have a lot of strings, and each of which tends to have the following format: Ab_Cd-001234.txt I want to replace it with 001234. How can I achieve it in R?

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Using gsub or sub you can do this :


you can use regexpr with regmatches

m <- gregexpr('[0-9]+','Ab_Cd-001234.txt')

EDIT the 2 methods are vectorized and works for a vector of strings.

x <- c('Ab_Cd-001234.txt','Ab_Cd-001234.txt')
"001234" "001234"

 m <- gregexpr('[0-9]+',x)
> regmatches(x,m)
[1] "001234"

[1] "001234"
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in your first solution, what does the '\\1' do in gsub? – user288609 Mar 16 '13 at 16:29
\\1 refer to accessing the first matching capture ( what is between parenthesis in the pattern). – agstudy Mar 16 '13 at 16:41

The stringr package has lots of handy shortcuts for this kind of work:

# input data following @agstudy
data <-  c('Ab_Cd-001234.txt','Ab_Cd-001234.txt')

# load library

# prepare regular expression
regexp <- "[[:digit:]]+"

# process string
str_extract(data, regexp)

Which gives the desired result:

  [1] "001234" "001234"

To explain the regexp a little:

[[:digit:]] is any number 0 to 9

+ means the preceding item (in this case, a digit) will be matched one or more times

This page is also very useful for this kind of string processing:

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Thanks! that was the best answer in my opinion. – Jens Dec 24 '13 at 12:17

You could use genXtract from the qdap package. This takes a left character string and a right character string and extracts the elements between.

genXtract("Ab_Cd-001234.txt", "-", ".txt")

Though I much prefer agstudy's answer.

EDIT Extending answer to match agstudy's:

x <- c('Ab_Cd-001234.txt','Ab_Cd-001234.txt')
genXtract(x, "-", ".txt")

# $`-  :  .txt1`
# [1] "001234"
# $`-  :  .txt2`
# [1] "001234"
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+1. always like learning of new packages. (eh, "new" to me, as the saying goes) – Ricardo Saporta Mar 16 '13 at 16:16

gsub Remove prefix and suffix:

gsub(".*-|\\.txt$", "", x)

tools package Use file_path_sans_ext from tools to remove extension and then use sub to remove prefix:

sub(".*-", "", file_path_sans_ext(x))

strapplyc Extract the digits after - and before dot. See gsubfn home page for more info:

strapplyc(x, "-(\\d+)\\.", simplify = TRUE)

Note that if it were desired to return a numeric we could use strapply rather than strapplyc like this:

strapply(x, "-(\\d+)\\.", as.numeric, simplify = TRUE)
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