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I have problem with understanding implementation of system called Blondie24 made by David Fogel. In this system we are using "Evolving Artificial Neural Network" (EANN) which is based on 4 layers of nodes and the first layer of node is called "Spatial Preprocessing Layer". For this layer the input is 91 matrix of NxN (generated from the actual board checker) for 91 nodes. How the method of "preprocessing" for this matrix in first layer node looks like to generate output value to the second layer? From actual information that I found in web, I don't fully understand how it is implemented.

One of the article made by Belal Al-Khateeb

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Read section Page 48 in the document. This describes the implementation of the style of the minimax algorithm used to evaluate the possible moves for both players.

Section 2.6.2 begins the explanation of the implementation of the evolutionary algorithm use to simulate machine learning over multiple executions of the software.

I have taken 2 AI classes in college (I'm a software engineer) and this system is very, very complicated. (Thats why the document you provided is a thesis paper)

If you are having trouble understanding the implementation of this you need to thoroughly understand the following:

  • Minimax algorithm with alpha-beta cutoff
  • The particular evolutionary algorithm used
  • Feedforward neural networks

Just for starters.

Majority of structures used in AI involve custom built search trees with highly specific search and weight based analysis algorithms.

Hopefully this is a bit helpful but for someone to fully explain the exact implementation of the Blondi24 system they would have to study the thesis paper to fully understand this specific "version" of its implementation and then explain it to you.

Dig through this piece by piece and full understand each part individually. Then put all the pieces together to realize how they modified the generic implementation of all these structures and algorithms to get the result they were looking for...

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Thanks for answer, but that is not what I'm looking for. I understand the Min-Max with alpha-beta, particular evolutionary algorithm, Feedforward neural networks (I'm also a software engineer and also had lessons with AI). But how they compute the output signal from matrix in first layer of EANN (that's basically my question). I didn't find any fully good description about that. –  waskithebest Mar 16 '13 at 18:15
Edit: Sorry it wasn't much help. I'm interested in seeing if someone can unravel the second half of the document and explain it... It's an interesting subject and I'd like to know how they implemented the evolving neural network that resulted in the best checkers player. :) –  AnxGotta Mar 16 '13 at 18:43

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