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Server is solaris and it runs jboss. Client is IE8. Plug-in is not allowed but js library like jquery is available if it is MIT licence. I can't say all the limitations I'm in now but almost all the technique using java and javascript is allowed.

What I wanna do is convert webpage into image file. But print screen and using ms paint or using free soft is not allowed.

I know javascript is not allowed to save file. But in this restricted environment, I must save the webpage that is rendered by IE8 to image file.

Is there any way to done such tricky task?

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Sorry I almost forgetted. The way I'm thinking now is to convert webpage into image by javascript and send image to server,then downloading image. I hope someone already done such task and teach me how to do it. please help me. – user2176683 Mar 16 '13 at 16:22

No, you can't do that with JavaScript on IE8 without any kind of plug-in. I think you might be able to do it with IE9 using canvas, but IE8 doesn't have canvas (and I'm not at all sure I'm right that you could with it, either).

What you can do is send the full HTML to the server via ajax along with the width and height of the browser window, and then use a "headless" browser library on the server to reconstruct what the page probably looked like and save that out as an image file (on the serveR). But it will be an approximation.

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