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As I understand and correct me if I'm wrong:

In order to create an iPhone app using phoegap build I can choose one of two options:

  1. Application distribution through the Apple Store - code - QR does not work and must upload the file .ipa to the store.

  2. Distributing application using Ad Hoc mode - I have to specify in advance the devices that can download the app.

There is a way to generate a valid application that open to everyone, but not in the store?

How can I create something similar to ad hoc mode but open to everyone?

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You can't open your app to everyone without uploading to app-store.

Ad hoc limited to 100 devices.

Enterprise is for internal distribution in companies with more than 500 employees.

App store is the option to share anyone with an iPhone can have access to the application.

For testing purpose,You don't want to upload the app in to Appstore.

Sign up for the iPhone Developer Program

Generating a Certificate Signing Request

Logging in to the iPhone Developer Program Portal

Create Developer Certificate , APP ID, Add devices(it must include all the device unique id in which devices you are going to run), provisioning profiles.

Download and Use Developer Certificate and provisioning profiles for creating and testing your app in registered devices

For Distribution, do the same for distribution mode.

Please read more here to getting started with iOS

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