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Is it possible to have a batch file with some common variables and then include this script in other scripts so that the variables are visible there?

What is a common approach to this?

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Simply, within the scripts that need to see the "shared" values

CALL yourbatchthatsetsthecommonvariables.bat

BUT changes to those variables will be isolated to the specific CMD instance - they won't be communicated between instances.

AND the values returned for any instance by this COMMON.BAT would be those relevant to the current instance.

So: Suppose you have COMMON.BAT

set mytime=%time%
set myval=abc123

Then instance 1... or instance 2


would set myval to abc123 but mytime to the time that each called COMMON.BAT

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Try this (in the first script):


.. and in the second script:

for /f "delims=" %%i in (variables.txt) do set %%i

Edit: To do this for a set of variables (first file):

::define some variables
set "_myvar1=value1"
set "_myvar2=value2"
set "_myvar3=value3"
::save them to a text file
set _myvar>variables.txt

This saves all variables heading _myvarto the text file. The code for the second script doesn't change.

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Absolutely, and this is pretty common too.

Let's say your variables in config.bat:

set PATH=c:\opt\tools\jdk1.6;%PATH%
set CLASSPATH=c:\opt\projects\myproject\jars;%CLASSPATH%

Then you can have for example start-dev.bat:

call common.bat
javaw -cp %CLASSPATH% -Denv=dev

And start-prod.bat:

call common.bat
javaw -cp %CLASSPATH% -Denv=prod
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