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I want to do this in the main app/config/config.yml file:

    a: 1
    email: jim@email.com
    variable2: hello

And this in any controller:

$variables = **get Yaml config data**
echo $variables['email'];

Of course I can't, but is anything like this possible?

I've seen where you can set global variables for access by Twig, but not seen how a Symfony2 controller can get them.

Of course if there's a better method as well then please mention that as this to me seems a good way of doing it.

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Use parameters in parameters.yml for that:

    email: boss@acme.com

This way you'll be able to get it in a controller this way:

$email = $this->container->getParameter('email');

You can also create a Twig global in config.yml to have access to it from Twig using the same parameter:

        email: %email%

And in Twig:

{{ email }}
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