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So I created an App Engine Connected Android app in Eclipse and deployed fine. Sample code works fine too.

But now I want to add new Endpoints. I create them, add @Api tag, methods, and call them from Javascript and Android.

Works fine when I call on locally deployed server, but not when calling the deployed app engine.

Basically I get just "Internal Error" and there's nothing in the app engine log, except a note that the api method was called.

So two questions:

1) Why does it work locally but not on app engine. All the method does is return a hard coded list of strings.

2) More generally, how to get more information when getting Internal Error?

Hard to debug app engine errors, it seems.

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I had also strange errors with endpoints and debugging is indeed very hard. I relised you must follow a couple of rules, namely:

  • Your api and method names can't use "_", so @Api(name="my_api") is wrong and @Api(name="myApi") is right.
  • Your api methods mustn't return simple types, so return a String is wrong, but return MyString is right. Your method can also return void.

An example of a custom endpoint should look like this:

import com.google.api.server.spi.config.Api;
import com.google.api.server.spi.config.ApiMethod;

public class MyEndpoint {

    @ApiMethod (name="myMethod", 
                method="httpMethod = HttpMethod.POST")
    public MyCustomObject myMethod () {

Note that all the annotation attributes are optional.

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