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I know that Jacoco inserts code in the byte code, and that's how Jacoco is able to keep statistics of what part of the code in the project is actually executed and what parts are not. However, does Jacoco have any knowledge of Junit tests, or the statistics it keeps are only based on whether this or that part of the byte code is being executed, regardless of who is executing the byte code?

Also, is there an possibility that a developer would fool Jacoco? I mean what if a developer adds just one Junit test case that has a loop in it and somehow is able to execute all parts of the code without the test failing. Thus the developer has been able to make it look like all parts of the code is being unit tested; but in actuality nothing is being tested.

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JaCoco measure code coverage. Yes, you can fool JaCoco with bad tests. Look at my answer in question How to ensure quality of junit tests? So you can cheat with bad tests, but you can also verify test quality.

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