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Using the regex:


to match a list string for example:


I only get one capture group, holding the last x. How can i get a capture group for each x.

The regex is a simplification. X represent a long regex expression

I'm using regexes in C++, vs11 (ECMAScript ~=javascript).

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This is because you are using group with * quantifier..

First x, matches in group 1..It again matches x, which overwrites the group value..It does this till the last match..

You can instead use (x,) without * quantifier to match the text individually


Only .NET supports multiple group value captures using capturecollection..i.e it would capture x,x,x,x, with (x,)* regex

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This forced me to tear my overlong regex apart. which has only helped me in the long term! –  David Kron Mar 24 '13 at 0:37

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