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I am developing User Interface software using X11 programming.(I am not used QT, Widget, GTk).In that i want to increase font size using font property function. How can i use XFontProp function? Is there any other method to increase font size using X windows? If is it possible give me a sample?

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If you want to use the old-fashioned now-deprecated server-side font rendering method, you cannot change the font size, you need to load the correctly-sized fond. Use XLoadFont and/or XLoadQueryFont for this. Use the Font you get in your GC.

To see what the string parameter looks like, type xlsfonts on your computer, or use xfontsel GUI utility.

Note that any given X server may lack fonts you want to use. There are only few mandatory fonts including fixed and I forgot what else.

If you want to use the fashionable modern client-side font rendering (what most programss written today are using) you have to use one of the toolkits, or Xft2 or Cairo libraries.

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