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I have 2 arrays

int n = 10;
int a[n];
int** t = new int*[n];

then I make that i element of t points to the i element of a Then I want to sort only pointers in t array Then I try to bublesort it but it goes wrong

    for(int i = 0; i < n -1; i++){
        if(*t[i] > *t[i+1]){
            char* x = t[i];
            t[i] = t[i+1];
            t[i+1] = x;
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pointers in t are already sorted as i'th points to the i-th element in a. – Ivaylo Strandjev Mar 16 '13 at 18:38
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it's not going through the entire array if you decrement n within the for loop, try placing it outside of the for loop

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