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I'm using twig 1.12.2. My code generates some elements from code-behind, when rendering these with the latest version of twig they get html-encoded

{% for item in files_folders %}
<tr class="{{ cycle(['tr_odd', 'tr_even'], loop.index) }}">
    <td><img src="../templates/images/sharepoint/{{ item.ContentType }}.gif" border="0" alt=""/></td>
    <td>{{ item.Link }}</td>
    <td>{{ item.Modified }}</td>
    <td>{{ item.FileSize }}</td>
    <td>{{ item.FileType }}</td>
{% endfor %}

This will output this

<tr class="tr_even">
    <td><img src="../templates/images/sharepoint/Document.gif" border="0" alt=""/></td>
    <td>&lt;a href=&#039;?download=/ddd.png&#039;&gt;ddd.png&lt;/a&gt;</td>
    <td>2013-03-04 17:47:38</td>
    <td>64.8 KB</td>
<tr class="tr_odd">
    <td><img src="../templates/images/sharepoint/Document.gif" border="0" alt=""/></td>
    <td>&lt;a href=&#039;?download=/asdasd.png&#039;&gt;asdasd.png&lt;/a&gt;</td>
    <td>2013-03-03 20:01:52</td>
    <td>66.04 KB</td>

When I debug and have a look at the data before it's sent to twig it is not escaped. I haven't found any alternative to {{ item.Link }} to render data as-is.


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You can use the raw filter to make twig render raw html

{% autoescape %}
    {{ var|raw }} {# var won't be escaped #}
{% endautoescape %}
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Good Answer +1 However, please include an example to ensure your answer stays relevant as links can die or become missing. – Pastor Bones Nov 28 '15 at 0:42

You should be careful with using |raw. Saying that the data is safe, means you are trusting it 100%.

Personally I would suggest using a custom twig filter:

class CustomExtension extends \Twig_Extension 
    public function getFilters()
        new \Twig_SimpleFilter('unescape', array($this, 'unescape')),

    public function unescape($value)
        return html_entity_decode($value);

Add the following to your services.yml (or alternatively translate into xml).

     class: HA\SiteBundle\Twig\CustomExtension
         - { name: twig.extension }
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This is elegant but in applications that are not communities or public facing web sites the 100% trust isn't really an issue :) – Eric Herlitz Jul 23 '14 at 20:45
I agree, but it should still be a consideration, protecting the developer from themselves for example. – user3588645 Jul 25 '14 at 7:56

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