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I have a UITableView with Style=Grouped (though there aren't any groupings, I just like the style that it produces). Usually this UITableView has 2 or 3 rows in it depending on the situation.

How can I autosize the UITableView based on the number of rows? Keep in mind that with Style=Grouped, there is a chunk of white space at the top of the UITableView. I'd like for there to be a similar space at the bottom of the UITableView.

I am doing this with Xamarin/C#, but Objective C answers are fine too.

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What do you mean "autosize"? UITableView calculates that for you. –  CodaFi Mar 16 '13 at 19:35

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UITableView extends UIScrollView so after reloading the table view use -[UIScrollView contentSize] and -[UIScrollView contentInset] to get the height of the content then set the table view's frame height

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There are methods in UITableViewDelegate Protocol to specify the height for each object in a table view (either directly, with something like heightForRowAtIndexPath, or indirectly with things like viewForHeaderInSection - where you can return a view with a size property of whatever you want). Height of header + Height of footer + (height of cell * number of cells) will give you how much room you need to fit the whole table without scrolling.

If you're not implementing any of those methods, the current (iOS 6) defaults are 30, 18, and 44 respectively.

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