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Hi i am trying to make a rack controller similar to Rack::URLBuilder but i am having trouble extracting the parameters.


run Example::Controller.new ([
  "test" => Sinatra::Application


module Example
  class Controller

    def initialize(map = {})
      @map = map

    def call(env)
      puts @map


This code puts out:


every time i run the app. How can i extract one value as test and another value as Sinatra::Application

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Which version of Ruby are you using? Earlier versions would print a hash's key and value adjacent to each other, like testSinatra::Application, but 1.9.3 prints {"test"=>Sinatra::Application}. Nevertheless, your code is returning a hash. –  breckenedge Mar 16 '13 at 22:17

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It often helps to add a .inspect when you are experimenting and putting in debug traces etc:

puts @map.inspect

this gives you a better debug output than the default string conversions on a lot of classes.

You should see that the data you want is in fact there.

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Thank you for this i was able to see that there was in fact data in the hash –  ny95 Mar 23 '13 at 0:49

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