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I have a serious problem here and I need a very big help with clear answer.

I was a Java desktop apps developer, but now I started coding web applications using PHP, JavaScript, html, css, I use jQuery Ajax to send Json data and MySql as DB. But I'm building on top of an existing huge app, so my problem is that I don't really understand the structure of the app but im sure they are using their own framework!

Now I'm really excited to build a web application to myself, But The problem is that I have no idea how to structure my app!!! where do I start from?! and how to do it the right and trendy way, I don't mind using a frameworks but I need one that's able to modify

For PHP I don't like Codeigniter because it's like a blackbox!! if there's already made structure I can download it and understand it, that would be great. For CSS I use Boostrap it seems cool and fine for me. And for JavaScript I don't really see why JavaScript frameworks are useful! and if I can use them with a PHP framework! or does it replace it!!!

let me explain what's in my mind, I need a fixed header and footer with some body pages that loads on request (similar to Facebook) I need to use Ajax to manipulate the DOM for dynamic displaying of data, I need a pretty URL, and the basic security stuff.

thank u for reading I hope u can help I appreciate :)

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And maybe we won't need so many exclamation points! not all sentences end in them! –  Markasoftware Mar 16 '13 at 20:11
I don't know if this question should be at SO. I think that programmers.stackexchange.com is more appropriate for this. –  Markasoftware Mar 16 '13 at 20:12
Have you googled and tried to learn how to structure webapp or had looked any php framework ? –  Abdullah Shaikh Mar 16 '13 at 20:20
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First of ALL

I would like to start my PHP devlopment in Xampp or wamp on windows and lamp on linux, for which i don't need to configure PHP and mysql. everything is pre-configured and ready to start.

For Dom Manipulation and AJAX

I definately choose the Jquery(wrtie less, DO more) as javascript framework. It is bundled with all stuff which a web developer require. Detailed information is available on Jquery site

General Structure of Application

As best practise for web applications keep your server and client code separate. this Link will give you much information for good way to start. It covers most of your question.


if I would realy wanted to use a framework , then zend framework is my ultimate choice.


  1. Helps in Code Standerization
  2. No Limit to Extend classes
  3. Built in function & Classes to save lot of development

For information regarding ZF

hope it helps

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