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I'm designing an android app and would like to use a Content Provider to populate my list views. Problem is I need data from from two different sources (tables in the database): One set of static data, and another for user progress data related to the the static data.

So for example, I got a list of quizzes, and a list of grades for a user for each of these quizzes.

If SimpleCursorArray took two cursors then I could use:


as the two URI's and pass the cursors to the Adapter.

But SimpleCursorArray can only take one cursor so I need to join the two tables I have. No problem, but how do I design a clean URI?

Maybe something like:


But this doesn't feel right because the questions don't belong to users...

Or maybe:


But again, users don't belong to questions...

Plus sometimes I need to retrieve a quiz on its own without the user grade so I also need:


I know this is a very pedantic question, but my OCD nature won't let me progress with any satisfaction until I figure this out...

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Since you only have two tables, posting the DDL might help us get a better understanding of how they're related. That said, if the only reason for your content provider is to pass data within your application, then it's overkill. Why not just access the tables directly? –  323go Mar 16 '13 at 22:40
I have more than two tables, but in this example I'm only making use of two tables (views actually). The QuizSummary view has the columns _id, name, num_questions and the QuizProgress view has the columns user_id, quiz_id, num_questions_correct. So in my list view, I populate a TextView with the quiz name, and a progress bar with num_questions_correct out of num_questions. –  kennyg Mar 17 '13 at 18:15
I currently have it implemented as a direct table access, but this blocks the UI and slows down a app a bit. I'd like to make user of SimpleCursorAdapter and that led me down the road to ContentProvider. I do agree it might be overkill, so I'm second guessing this idea. If it makes any difference, I'm eventually planning on having this data being sent back and forth from a server. –  kennyg Mar 17 '13 at 18:19

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How about /users/#/quizzes-with-grades?

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