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I'm attempting to fill a dictionary with tuples in the form (n,l).

The value associated with key(n, l)is the set of words in the file that contain the letter l at position n.

For example, if the file had the word word 'Python', I would want the function to output: c_dict(0, "p"), c_dict(1, "y"), c_dict(2,"t") and so on.

So far, I have words from the text file being added, but I'm not sure where to continue from there. Could anyone provide some suggestions?

c_dict= {}
def fill_completions():   
    for line in open('file.txt'):

I am using Python 3.2. Thank you!

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use enumerate(iterable) to get tuples of (index, item) in an iterable.

for i, char in enumerate('python'):
   print i, char

#0, 'p'
#1, 'y'
#5, 'n'

{0:'p', 1:'y', ... 5:'n'}
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Thank you, this has helped. I'm now trying to use an open text file and do this for every word in the file. Any suggestions? – hanabijm Mar 17 '13 at 16:12

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