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There are some Facebook pages on which i want to post on behalf of Page Admin.I want something like this:

  1. Facebook page admin login using Facebook account and authenticates by clicking on button
  2. I captures all the rights(page_access_token and page_ID) to publish content in his facebook page
  3. Some user who comes to my site can publish his message on respective facebook page.

The problem is with First and Second point, I have made an Facebook App for authentication part, but how do i integrate it with Django. I am able to post on particular facebook page when i have page_access_token and page_ID using facebook-sdk .

Code below publish the feed on facebook page.

import facebook
oauth_access_token = "page_access_token"
graph = facebook.GraphAPI(oauth_access_token)
graph.put_object("me", "feed", message="Hello, world")

Its more of a Django App then Facebook app.Any help would be very much appreciated. Thanks

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There is a guide that describes the first two steps quite well I think. Links to that site are not allowed though, I have no idea why. Let me just say that searching for "Post to Facebook on Behalf of Your User with Python/Django" on Google might possibly help.

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