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I'm trying to get both successful and unsuccessful responses from a ping in a bash script but am unable to thus far.

My code looks like this...

ping_results=$(ping -c 4 -q google.com)

This works when the ping is successful, but if I don't have an internet connection and I get the result

ping: unknown host google.com

It is printed to the console, and my script appears to exit.

I want both the ping result or error to be stored in the ping_results variable.

Any help will be appreciated.

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That is because errors go to stderr use something like 2&>1 t osend output to stdout –  Fredrik Pihl Mar 16 '13 at 22:55

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Okay, the simple answer to your question is to redirect stderr to stdout. as what Fredik Phil mentioned in the comments.

instead of:

ping_results=$(ping -c 4 -q google.com);


 ping_results=$(ping -c 4 -q google.com 2>&1);

or something similar...

However, depending on what you're doing, it might be better to test if the exit code of the ping command is 1 (indicating that the ping is ending in an error), or 0 (indicating that the ping is successful). the exit code is stored in the variable "$?".

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