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I've tried finding the solution but to no avail. I believe what i want is string concatenation...

I have a variable "pictureid=face2" in my resources folder i have a picture called "face2.jpg". On the form i have a picture box.

This is the code I cant get to work

pictureBox1.Image = Properties.Resources.(pictureid + ".jpg");

Where am i going wrong? The error says there is an identifier expected.

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Did you mean Visual Studio 2010? –  Soner Gönül Mar 16 '13 at 23:27

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Image expects an Image or a descendant thereof (Bitmap and Metafile objects), which you can use as you coded, if you add the image to your project resources (edit: I should clarify - to do this, go to Project > Properties > Resources tab and "Add Resource". Don't just drop it in the folder):

pictureBox1.Image = Properties.Resources.face2;

If you don't want to include the image in your project, you can use ImageLocation, which will accept a string rather than an object:

pictureBox1.ImageLocation = pictureid + ".jpg"; //assuming you include it in the same folder as the exe

You could also do something like this:

Image face2 = Image.FromFile(pictureid + ".jpg");
pictureBox1.Image = face2;
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Thankyou very much! I had no idea i could refer to the "debug/bin" as the root folder! –  Nicholas Mordecai Mar 17 '13 at 0:17
pictureBox1.ImageLocation = pictureid + ".jpg"; Worked great for me! Sorry, i would up the answer but im required for atleast 15 points?! the point system on this website feels somewhat like a game to me.. where people get addicted to how many "points" that have.. sigh.... Thanks all the same raney!! –  Nicholas Mordecai Mar 17 '13 at 0:18
Yep - unless a method requires a fully qualified path, it will assume Environment.CurrentDirectory. Glad to hear it worked; feel free to mark as answer, in lieu of voting. –  raney Mar 17 '13 at 1:46

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