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I have to design a small after school clubs management system with GUI (which has been designed at the beginnning). The system should perform a few functions: - add a pupil, - add a club, - add a pupil to a specified club. When user clicks on a club, it should list all of the pupils enrolled in the club. On the other hand, it should list all of the clubs the student is enrolled in when user clicks on a pupil. The first two functions are done and work properly. However, I'm struggling with adding a pupil to a specified club.

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When you say database do you mean ArrayList? –  PM 77-1 Mar 16 '13 at 23:56
@art1210 perhaps you can post a bit more code. For example, where is this addPupilToClub method living and where is newList coming from? –  user1766760 Mar 17 '13 at 0:36
@art1210 Curious, is the type of pupilsInClub really given as List<List<String>>? Seems it should be more List<List<Club>> in order to be able to test whether a Pupil belongs to a Club. –  user1766760 Mar 17 '13 at 0:49
@art1210 Derp moment, actually should be List<Club> since each Club contains a List<Pupil>... which lends nicely to 1) check whether a Pupil belongs a Club, and 2) dump out a list of each Club's Pupils –  user1766760 Mar 17 '13 at 1:13

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Based on the given criteria,

A given comment on that method is: (1) The club and (2) the pupil must already have been added to the database and (3) the pupil must not have been previously added to club. If these conditions are not met then the method should do nothing and return false. If they are met then the pupil is added to the club and the method returns true .

public boolean addPupilToClub(String clubName, String firstName, String lastName) {
    String studentID = firstName + " " + lastName;
    if (clubs.indexOf(clubName) == -1   // (1) the clubName  does not exist
        || pupils.indexOf(studentID) == -1)  // (2) OR the pupil does not exist {
          return false;

    //the rest is pseudo code

    else if (<<(3) the specified club already contains the student>>) {
          return false;
    } else { 
      //student never added to the club before
          <<insert code that adds student to club>>

          //additional check whether club is already included in master list (say, pupilsInClub?)
          //if not, add club to master list

          return true;

Ideally, if you want to print out a list of Clubs and its Pupils, there should be a master list of Clubs (containing Pupils), say pupilsInClub, of type List<Club>. Then you can iterate over pupilsInClub and for each Club, utilize some method in class Club to dump out its Pupils.

Note: you would also have to make sure a Club A hasn't already been added to pupilsInClub. If Club A already exists in pupilsInClub, simply add the new Pupil to Club A. Otherwise, you will also have to add Club A to pupilsInClub.

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@art1210 One difficulty I see though is, if the list of Clubs is of type List<String> and not of type List<Club>, how will you check for the membership of a pupil? (Condition #3)... may want to rethink the types of clubs and pupils in class AfterSchoolBase –  user1766760 Mar 17 '13 at 1:31

You should probably maintain a list of Pupil inside the Club class. So inside the Club:

private List<Pupil> pupils;

And a method to add Pupil to this list:

public void addPupil(Pupil p) {

And in the addPupilToClub method this is how you add a Pupil to a Club:

Club c = new Club(clubName);
Pupil p = new Pupil(firstName, lastName);

Do remember to initialize pupils, inside the Club constructor maybe.

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And I think a Set rather than a List, but it's not clear if that's also forbidden by the assignment. –  Nathaniel Waisbrot Mar 16 '13 at 23:55

I think you may be confusing yourself by using such a large if condition in addPupilToClub. Breaking it up into nested statements will allow you to comment each one:

public boolean addPupilToClub(String clubName, String firstName, String lastName) {
    if (clubs.indexOf(clubName) != -1) {   // the clubName exists
        if (pupils.indexOf(firstName + " " + lastName) != -1) { // the pupil exists
            if (newList.indexOf(firstName + " " + lastName)==-1)) {  // the pupil isn't in newList
                Club c=new Club(clubName);
                Pupil p = new Pupil(firstName,lastName);

Once we do this, I think it's easier to see that you're creating a new club and a new pupil after you discover that the club and pupil already exist. That looks like a mistake.

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