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I'm trying to serialize a model's association as an array of ID's (int) of the associated models. I'm currently using :include option in serializable_hash as such:

:include => {:associated => {:only => [:id]}

wich output json like:

{"id":13, ...,"associated":[{"id":15,"associated":[]},{"id":14,"associated":[]}]}

Don't know why the object corresponding to associated have an "associated" key; but that's not very important; what I want is to get an output like:

{"id":13, "associated":[15,14]}

What should I do to get this ?

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If you only need the associated model ids, you could try creating a method in the parent model like:

class ParentModel < ActiveRecord::Base
  # ...

  def associated_ids

Then in the serializable_hash or to_json method, I would do this:

parent_model_instance.includes(:associated).serializable_hash(methods: [:associated_ids])

Which should produce this:

{ "id": 13, "associated_ids": [15,14] }
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Maybe you can do this with this in your serializer:

 class SomeSerializer < ActiveModel::Serializer
   embed :ids
   has_many :associateds
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