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I have a view A that includes a view B that defines a block Z. Can I have a view C that extends A and redefines block Z?

Need not be said that if i paste B into A (without using an include) it works.

For a practical example:

A is the base of a project. B is the header of a project that includes a menu. C is any page of the project.

I define a {% block active %}{% endblock %} for each item of the menu in B, that i want to redefine by {% block active %} class="active" {% endblock %} in C to apply certain styles to the current active menu item.

If this is not the way to go, which is the best workaround/solution?

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Unfortunately, it's not possible or it wouldn't be as easy.

Why not bind a variable to the template from the controller and passing it to the nav through the include?

{% include MyAwesomeBundle:Modules:nav.html.twig with {activeItem: activeItem, activeItemClassName: activeItemClassName} %}

An alternative to what you want

{# in base layout template #}
{% block nav %}
    {% include MyAwesomeBundle:Modules:nav.html.twig %}
{% endblock %}

{# in page template #}
{% extends base-layout.html.twig %}

{% block nav %}
    {% include MyAwesomeBundle:Modules:nav_for_news.html.twig %} {# nav_for_news.html.twig extends nav.html.twig #}
{% endblock %}

This is the closest you can get from what you want

Check out the parent() twig function it's useful.

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i ended up doing it similarly to your first suggestion, eventhough i was not very happy because i get extra variables in the controller, thanks! – mezod Mar 17 '13 at 17:10
You could make your nav aware of the route by using {{ app.request.attributes.get('_route') }} in Twig; that would work too – Thomas Potaire Mar 17 '13 at 17:13

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